VirtualScope Installation Troubleshooting

If you get the message "The application 'VirtualScope' can't be opened" (a common problem with Mac OS Catalina), then:

1. Right click (control-click) on the VirtualScope application and click on "Show Package Contents". A folder called Contents should pop up.
2. Follow the path Contents > MacOS, and you should see a file named VirtualScope. If you right click and select "Get info", you will see that it is a TextEdit file. 

3. Open a Terminal window (Applications > Terminal). Type "chmod +x " (without the quotation marks, but including the space after the x), and drag the VirtualScope TextEdit file to the end of the line you just typed in Terminal. This should paste the path to the file you dragged in. It should now look something like this:
chmod +x /Applications/
chmod +x/Applications/

(The space after the x and before the first / is critical.)

4. Press enter. The VirtualScope file under MacOS should've changed from a TextEdit to a Unix executable. Note that if this command returns “access denied”, simply drag the file into your desktop, and run the command again, and drag it back after converting it to Unix executable.
5. Go back to the original VirtualScope application in the Desktop folder. You should be able to open and run the application now.
6. If you continue to have trouble, please email Walter Smith: